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Journal Articles & published reports

  1. Adeney W, Sinha T, Bartlett S (2021) A portrait forWinchester. Report prepared for Winchester CityCouncil Health Environment and PlanningCommittee. Presented to council Sept 2021.

  2. Beilic D, Hubbard S, Sinha T, Devis-Rozental C, Clarke S, Roper L (2021) Putting the heart back into higher education: reconnecting and learning from HE communities of practice to enable hybrid ways of working: prepared for the ODHE Network

  3. Maciąg, J., Sinha, T., Pryhodko, T., &Lewandowski, M.(2020). Performance of higher education within pandemic and post-pandemic: a perspective of Poland, United Kingdom, andUkraine.

  4. Welch C, Sinha T and Milner C (2020) Variety, innovation and readiness for change in organizations. The Systemist 41 (1) p133

  5. Farquharson L, Sinha T, Clarke S (2018) “Researching Organisational Change in Higher Education: A Holistic Tripartite Approach” The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, Volume 16 Issue 3 pp 150 – 161

  6. Welch C Sinha T Ward N (2016) Pursuit of Operational Excellence: A systemic approach International Journal of Systems and Society V3 I2 pp21 - 34

  7. Sinha T (2013) “A catalyst for delivery” The Public Servant March 2013.

  8. Dann Z, Meldrum T, Sinha, Ely P (2015) LDEE Summary report

  9. Greswell T (2007) ‘A typology of creative tools and techniques for Operations Managers’ The Systemist.


Book chapters

  1. Childe and Soares (2022) Handbook of Research Methods for Supply Chain Management - Sinha T (2022) Chapter 8:PLAY WITH PURPOSE - LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY® methods for understanding and researching complex systems such as supply chains and supply chain management. Childe and Soares (2022) Handbook of Research Methods for Supply Chain Management

  2. Sinha T (2020) Chapter 8 Designing strategic and transformative tourism education programs and education strategies. In Overtourism and Education: A Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Futures Editors Hugues.Seraphin and Anca Wallop 

  3. Sinha T (2020) Chapter 15 Humanising Higher Education through Sustainable Development Education in Devis-Rozental C & Clarke S Editors (pp. 261-285). Palgrave Macmillan,Cham

  4. Sinha T & Lorrain C (2019) Inspiring Sustainable Higher Education and Lean through a lean ambassador’s network. Global Lean for Higher Education: A themed anthology of case studies, approaches and tools. Yorkstone, S. (ed.). 1st ed. Routledge

  5. Sinha T, Pastellas S (2015) Public service operations management in Chapter 6 service systems design and implementation  94-114  Radnor Z and Esain A (editors)  London and New York  Routledge 



Work in Progress – Hoshin Kanri in Higher Education - co authors Bill Balzer and Tammi Sinha due for publication Oct 23.


Conference papers

  1. Sinha, T., Ward, N. & Welch, C (2018) The voluntary cooperation of academics as an example of the peer learning activity and its role in human resources development in a university. The organisational improvement of the university of the future.

  2. Sinha T, Clarke S, Farquharson L (2018) Shrek, Saunders and the Onion Myth: Using Myths, Metaphors and Storytelling. ECRM Rome

  3. Sinha T and Lorrain C (2017) Knowledge and practice landscape of lean in the UK higher education sector –. [Napier University, Edinburgh]

  4. Sinha T  (2017) Setting the scene for lean: raising energy and commitment to lean through games - accepted for EurOMA 2017 Conference July 2017

  5. Sinha T, Welch C, Ward N (2016) Knowledge Landscapes in Operations Management: exploring operational excellence through a Community of Practice EuROMA Trondhem 2016

  6. Sinha T, Esain A, Williams S, Found P, Rich N (2016) Value Stream Mapping: an exploration and a critique EuROMA Trondhem 2016

  7. Welch C, Sinha T, Ward N (2016) Towards a systemic landscape model for operational excellence. ECRM Malta 2016

  8. Dann Z and Sinha T (2016) Leading the entrepreneurship curriculum: paradox, tensions and entrepreneurial actions – Society for Research in Higher Education International on research in higher education

  9. Sinha T, Dann Z, Ely P, Meldrum T, (2016) Leadership Development in Entrepreneurship Education - next steps. Chartered ABS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience conference, Aston University April 2016

  10. Welch C, Sinha T, Nicolian N, Ward N (2015) Fostering Collaborative Inquiry: Networks of Practice ECRM conference Malta June 2015

  11. Welch C, Sinha T, Ward N (2015) Collaborative education for sustainable improvement. British Academy of management Sept 2015

  12. Pastellas S and Sinha T (2014) ‘Change Management in the NHS: clinical integration in a sexual health service’ BAM September 2014 (full paper).

  13. Welch C, Sinha T, Ward N (2014) ‘’Making a difference, making it happen, learning the lessons: collaborative learning through a community of practice of business improvement professionals’ EurOma Sicily 2014.

  14. Welch C, Sinha T, Ward N (2014) From knowledge transfer to knowledge exchange and beyond: the story of a community of Inquiry.  BAM September 2014 (developmental paper).

  15. Sinha T (2013) Gamestorming UK Systems Society Conference St Anne’s College Oxford September 2013.

  16. Allan R and Sinha T (2013) “Core training and staff engagement: an assessment of improvement initiatives in HE?” 1st International conference in lean six sigma in Higher Education: University of Strathclyde July 2013.

  17. Milner C and Sinha T (2013) Creative employee engagement: a path of sustainable operations improvement 20th EurOMA conference Dublin June 2013.

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